Juan José Manzano (from Chiclana, Spain, 1980) based in Dublin, Ireland, is a Spanish Flamenco guitarist and composer.
From an early age he was influenced by his mother’s flamenco singing as he grew up. His brother introduced Juan José to the flamenco guitar at the age of 11. Since then both brothers taught themselves to play by listening tirelessly to various Flamenco guitarists such as Ramón Montoya, Paco de Lucía, Manolo Sanlucar, Sabicas, .. and singers such as Chacón, Mairena, Caracol, La Perla de Cai, Pastora Pavón, Camarón..
He began earning his life at the age of 15 teaching at home flamenco guitar to people of different ages from his hometown. He has been teaching since then and now  he continues his teaching in Dublin, Ireland. When he was 18 he started his Flamenco professional performing career on stages all over the Province of Cadiz and around Andalusia as soloist and as accompaniment for Flamenco singers and participated in major Flamenco festivals. 
Juan José is now living in Ireland as a professional flamenco guitarist and his music reflects an influence of world music with gentle personal touches that remind us of the tranquility of the fishing white washed villages of Southern Spain.

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